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01 July, 2007:
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Expressions: Chengyu and Suyu

Suyu 俗语

Suyu are folk sayings. They are similar to Chengyu except that they are less formal and less structured. Chengyu often come from classical Chinese and are fixed to a four word format, but Suyu can be any length and they come from a wide variety of sources. Like ChengyuSuyu add flavor and precision to conversation.  However, Suyu are not generally thought of as evidence of a person’s advanced command of Chinese, but rather of a person’s familiarity with colloquial Chinese.

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Distinctions Between Chengyu and Suyu

Chengyu and Suyu are both colloqial forms of expression. They both consist of fixed figures of speech. Click here to learn more about the distinction between these two forms of idiom.